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Playing Devil's Advocate: A Refreshing Take on Red Teaming for CEOs.

In today’s never normal world, we like to advise to set up a team of privateers inside your company. Pirates, with an official mandate from the top. A group of smart people who have the right to destroy, decompose and rebuild for the better.

If you’re a CEO who wants to stay ahead of the game and keep your business on the cutting edge, then “Red Teaming” by Bryce Hoffman is a must-read.

So, what exactly is red teaming? It’s a method of thinking like your competition, understanding their strategies, and identifying weaknesses in your own business before they do. In other words, it’s like having a team of expert hackers trying to break into your company’s systems so that you can fix the vulnerabilities before the bad guys exploit them.

The book is filled with real-world examples of red teaming in action, from the military to the private sector. You’ll learn how companies like Target and Ford have used red teaming to identify weaknesses in their systems and make strategic improvements. You’ll also discover how the U.S. military uses red teaming to prepare for complex and unpredictable scenarios.

But this book is not just about theory. It’s also a practical guide that will show you how to implement red teaming in your own business. From building the right team to selecting the right targets, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of how to make red teaming work for you.

Overall, “Red Teaming” is an essential read for any CEO who wants to stay ahead of the competition and keep their business secure. In these extra ordinary times, vigilance and provocation should be orchestrated, and this is the score to the new symphony.