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The Hive

We’re a honeycomb: Welcome to the Hive!

Confucius said true wisdom is found in knowing what you don’t know. Here at IPG/Dynamic we are recklessly surfing on the crest of the waves of change. We dipp our hair (some of us have some left) and toes in the salty water of turmoil and exciting new possibilities.

The era of “Renaissance Agencies” is long gone. No agency can do or know it all. Even caressing the shadow of the illusion is plain ridiculous. The world changes too fast, and too deep for an individual or an agency to pretend to know it all.


That is why we at IPG/Dynamic gave in and gave up.  Rather than having countless talents on the payroll, we choose to become a honeycomb, a Hive. In biology, an organism is an organic, living system that functions as an individual entity. All organisms are composed of cells. IPG/Dynamic is a superorganism, a holobiont made up of powerful cells. Each cell in our emosystem (that is ecosystem spelled right)  is an uncontested A-player in its trade, be it a micro agency, or highly skilled one person army.  The power of all these cells combined is thrilling and makes us one of the trailblazing market leaders. Our combined EQs and IQs generate enough energy to propel a red convertible car in an orbit around Alpha Centauri. Twice.

United Powers

We tap into our emosystem. We tap into our motheragencygroup Mediabrands. We tap into a plethora of talents: professors, generalists, specialists, analysts, conversationalists, futurists, data aficionados, fashion savvy-ists, mathematicians, dreamers, strategists, ethicsi,  coders, tacticians, cultural velociraptors, well-being coaches, designers, contrarians, psychologists, digital anthropologists, a movie director, historians and the best fitness trainer this side of Alpha Centauri.